When Salesforce Met Keboola: Why Is This So Great?

I wrote about developing a Salesforce writer for Keboola Connection (in Czech) a while ago, it was great fun and experience. But why would one need such thing? That’s a great question which I tried to answer in an article on Keboola blog.

The reporting features in Salesforce are a bit limited and I think that even with Wave you cannot achieve things Keboola will allow you to do. It is pretty clear why – Keboola Connection is not a typical BI solution, it is more a toolkit to blend your existing data, enhance them and find some hidden gems in them.

Use Keboola Connection to blend your Salesforce's data

In the post you can read about two examples I came up with – huge NGO with hundreds of thousands donors who they need to better segment. Or company who just implemented Salesforce and need to import data from existing system. In both cases you can solve your problems in a few minutes. And time is the most valuable commodity we have, don’t we?

Right now we have a lot of perfect and clean data, we just don’t know how to use them better. These features looks really great and if we would be able to use them and get more donations … would be awesome!

Go and check the whole article on Keboola blog right now!

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