What an event!

Last week we had our final user group for this year. As is our tradition it happened in the Deloitte’s offices together with all the other community groups located in Prague. Originally we had a space for 70 which we extend to 90 and probably run over a 100 for the first time ever!

I came with a new twist and asked attendees to buy a small gift and give it to some stranger. Surprisingly a lot of them really followed this idea and I believe it opened some nice conversations.

Absolutely amazing food provided by dCafe

We started the evening with a glass of Prosecco and with just a small delay started the presentations with reports from all the community group leaders who attended. WIT reported their crazy number of courses they did during the year, user group by some miracle crossed the 500 members bar (we grow probably a bit slower than Salesforce in CZ but we didn’t believe in this number a while back), marketers will join forces and plan to do some super cool meetup on January 12 and Slack is (re)starting this year and will see where it will go.

Full house

Then it was time for presentations from Dreamforce. Seven speakers were planned, seven different point of views. We heard everything about jetlag and how to plan agenda from Petr, how Salesforce invests heavily into (UX) Design (thank you Katka), which is probably also a great way how to get more people into the ecosystem, summary of CPQ news delivered by Misa remotely, all the architects insights (I’m still not sure how Tomas was able to get all those details from various people). A big surprise was Jan’s presentation about Marketing Cloud news, as he wasn’t able to make it, but Jakub, Ekat, Jan & Jan took stage and explain every slide he prepared with so many details which was incredible, partners collaboration in its best. Final word had Pepa with more news for architects, developers and admins. Based on all those session I would say interesting times are ahead.

It takes 4 consultants to present what 1 can prepare

A quick raffle and then off to pizza and drinks, as the super tasty food provided by dCafe (which is located in Deloitte’s office and not sure is publicly available) was already gone at this time, as people have been chatting during the presentations as well.

We also had to drink all the hot wine and finish the sweats and at 10pm sharp we left the building and spread across Prague. Some attendees went home, others for a beer or to the karaoke bar. Looks like additional tradition has been born, will see next year.

And the feedback day after – just wow! Something we aren’t really used to with Alča, this time it was a wave of super positive messages on social platforms and directly. Thank you!

You can find all the presentations on our Google Drive together with some photos and we hope with Alča to see you next year. Will see what will be the topic of our next user group, which we aim to organise in March.

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