West coast – the beginning

The ocean was rough in the morning as well – huge waves moved toward the beach and it was really nice sight. First of all we went to Cape FoulwindUkaž na mapě, where it is possible to see seal’s colony. It was fantastic, the small ones played there and the older take a look on them, almost like in our society. Some birds around, really nice spot.

Cape Foulwind

Then was DennistonUkaž na mapě online and it took some time to get there, as the hill is really steep. It was worth the time, there are just rests of the old coal city with incredible view on Westport and West coast and with a lot of interesting information as well as a lot of fun stories. I love the one about school inspector who was too scared to went up to inspect local school.  Or the fact that „the only time there was no danger on the incline was when it wasn’t working“. Before we left the place we took some coal with us to save the expensive charcoal we have for our BBQ.


We did huge shopping at Westport and decided to have a lasagne for a lunch. We bought some already done and went to heat them up straight on the parkplace. As we parked just at the front place we got some strange looks but it was fun and they were really good.

Lunch at New World's parkplace

Next point of our trip was the Truman track, which goes to the ocean and there are really nice caves on the beach. The weather wasn’t perfect today but good enough to take the walk and do some „good enough“ pictures. On our way back to car Vlada with Tomas played a game against the ocean, if some wave can catch them on the beach as they went pretty near the ocean. Of course, one got them.

Truman Track

Pancake RocksUkaž na mapě is a place I wanted to see – the rocks made in form of pancake stacked on each other. Scientist perfectly know how they were created but have no idea why some of them are in forms of pancakes while others not. And they are all in the same place. We just missed the high tide and didn’t see the blowhole in middle, but had enough water from top so we really didn’t care.

Pancake Rocks

For next part Vlada took the steering wheel and after a while was shocked – we have almost no fuel. Nervous he drove to Greymouth and at first petrol station fill up the whole tank. We took just 51 litres of petrol, our maximum till now is 54litres (and we have no idea how big the tank is). We were looking for some nice camp with internet but didn’t find any – all of them were expensive and the internet was paid – no way! So we went to the beach and did a BBQ there and had some small row with local lady who went around three times and then said she’ll call police, because it is prohibited to camp on beach (what we didn’t want to do) and open fire (our small bbq in the middle of sand beach) is prohibited as well. Waited for another hour, but the police didn’t come. And yes, we didn’t use the coal from morning as it smell really badly in fire.

As we wanted to publish next part of movie from our trip and send several big emails, we were catching the Internet around the town long after midnight and finally decided to pay 5$ for an hour of Internet, which was slow as all the others we were able to catch for free. Grr.

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