Two months to go, win bottle of Jameson

My We are almost there, just last two months left till the end of our jorney to first kid. To better plan the final moments we decided to ask broad audience, as tips from a lot of people have statistically better results.

For those of you, who don’t know anything – it took as a few years of living together, but finally we are having baby. And this is the opportunity to have this lottery and the winner will win a bottle of Jameson (transportation not included).

The lottery is really simple – just enter your tips in the form bellow and you can win.


  • our first baby and it will be „she“
  • oficial tip of birth date by doctors is September 10 (Saturday)
  • both parents were born on Sunday
  • actual height of father: 182cm
  • actual height of mother: 177cm
  • combined weight of both parents: 163,6kg

Method of scoring:

  • for each day; hour; 0,1kg and 0,3cm of difference from oficial figures 1 penalty point will be added. Participant with lowest penalty points will win.

Tips closing date:

  • 10. 8. 2011 at 10:08 (Prague time), at the latest at the moment of birth (hopefully it wouldn’t be the case)

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