TrailheaDX ’20 Wrap Up

I’m not good with virtual conferences, somehow I never find a time to attend them, always feeling I might be able to check recordings and always fail doing that as well. That alone made a great reason to organize TDX wrap-up user group. This year Salesforce supported such activity even more by providing speakers and we were matched with Aditya plus Katka did her summary as well.

I always considered TDX as developer conference (does the name mean Trailhead Developer eXperience?), this year it was more business relevant as well and I’m really glad that we had two speakers with totally different focus. Seeing that „short“ summary from them was great to refresh so many things I wanted to check a while ago and never found time for it as well as plenty of things I really should check out.

Developer summary

Aditya shortly covered Salesforce Functions (formerly Evergreen), which looks super promising and at the same time let you think why it is even needed and cannot be supported on the platform right away.

Dynamic Forms and Actions is something I heard about many times, still didn’t find strong reason to use it and am waiting once it will be available on standard objects as well.

Sample gallery and Automation components were the highlights for me. I knew about sample gallery but didn’t check it in a while, automation components look super handy, their only downside is that I feel they are adding some confusion – standard flow features which are being extended, Automation components, Unofficial SF and Salesforce Labs components on AppExchange. Where to look for what you need and which one is better if they overlap? Anyway, worth digging deeper.

Aditya and Data Governance Objects

Data Privacy starts to be huge part of Salesforce with the complex of object supporting this thing. I definitely need to dig deeper plus hope that Salesforce will somehow handle them better. From Spring ’20 you can have multiple contact points, but when you want to send email to campaign member it is always send to the only email address field on contact.

Business summary

Katka found great case studies – US Berkeley which did a portal for Covid test tracking in three weeks time and Sun Basket which used communities to publish recipies in no-time. Looks like Salesforce CMS is really powerful and worth getting know.

Katka loves this photo, any idea why?

Salesforce Anywhere – I heard a lot and it didn’t excite me just yet. I mean we all have Slacks, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and others, why would we want to use Anywhere? But now it clicked – green field implementations (at least in terms of collaboration), the fact that we can chat directly on specific fields, that it might be handy to see that other people look to the same record. Yeah, I start to be excited and want to see it in real life.


The benefit of having in-person event is the fact that you can go together to the pub and have a chat and I must say I’ve been looking for it. Time fly by and we went to our homes, with some new knowledge and eager to learn more.

All presentations are available for you to check out and you are more than welcome to join our group.

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