The championship

It must be wonderful to have a house on the top of a hill. At least I had the feeling, when we had a breakfast on some lookout behind Waihi. Vlada even washed out his shirt and put hit on boats to become dry.

After breakfast we hit the road and after about 10km Vlada recall, that he had a shirt on boats when we started. Quick return to our sleeping place, but the shirt is no where. Checked the boats, just to be sure, and the shirt was hidding inside one of them, the whole time with us 🙂

We arrived to Mount MaunganuiUkaž na mapě and had some trouble finding a free place for parking. There were a lot of cars, as every second weekend they have life savers championship. So, our day plan is done, we’ll spend it on the beach, looking on different sport activities.


In the afternoon we did the trip to the top of the Mount Maoui, which is extinct volcano. The trip there was quite hard, I found funny the sign in the bottom, which shows two ways to the top, one of them is harder and longer but takes shorter time to the top. So we took this one and in about 15 minutes was on the top. The view was – awesome, as always 🙂

View from Mount Maoui

After getting back to the city we took kebab for the lunch and started our car again. This time our destination was Kaituna river, Okere FallsUkaž na mapě. Just quick inspection of a few places, which are possible to see from track next to the river, park our car on bottom parkplace, having a quick bath in absolutly warm water in the river and dinner. It is late, as always.

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