Slow summary of Summer ’18 Release Notes

Summer release is around the corner (June 2 for most of my customers), a tons of quick summaries in the wild plus Jen’s detailed summaries as well. Time to go through the release notes myself and think which enhancements could be benefical for my clients.

Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Notes

With less than a week before a new release will hit my customers, I had to go through Salesforce Release Notes for the Spring ’18 release. We (I mean most of those who blog about new features) usually brag about how many pages we had to read to be up to date, so today I checked it and it isn’t that bad. The release notes has 455 pages, 40 of them is the table of content at the beginning and at the beginning of each „chapter“ we usually have one or two pages of short summary as well. So I think that in last two hours I flipped through maybe 300 pages. Still a lot, poor me 🙂