I’m so popular

The popularity of blogs can be measured by number of spam comments. It looks like my blog started to be popular – first spam comments are here 🙁 Lucky that they aren’t visible for you 🙂

„We’ve bought you many copies so that you might read it faster.“

When I read this article I was really laughing. The day before I read article about managing Notes project in The VIEW magazine and they mention the same thing. So I must remember for last month when I was in exactly the same situation with one project and at that time I said to myself – don“t add another programmer to this project. It sounds bad, but it’s better solution, because the other programmer will not help in this project.

Let’s start my blogging in English as well

It’s probably time to start my blogging in English as well for several reason. One of them (probably the most urgent) is to polish my English and be better and better. The second one is, that when I look at my visitor statistics there is a lot of people from other countries than Czech and they probably want to know what I’m writting here.