In-App Guidance with Louise Lockie

Louise Lockie were our speaker at Prague User Group and she gave us a great presentation about the In-App Guidance feature. Powerful thing which I didn’t use yet as I always had a feeling it needs a lot of work to properly run, but with her great examples I found out there are simple usecases which you can set right awayRead More…

London’s Calling is over, where to go next?

The fabulous conference took place on Friday. 400 people – the capacity of the evenue – got together to learn tons of new things. The agenda was jam packed with six paralel tracks from morning till late afternoon with lunch in between. All sessions have been recorded and I’m looking forward to check those I missed.

Dreamforce 2017

My second Dreamforce is over and when I compare it to the first one, it was completely different conference. Last year I went from session to session, didn’t have time to meet many people (and reason as well), just wanted to suck as much information as possible, as I knew that I won’t have time to watch recordings.