Our third day in New Zealand and Tomas decided to get the Skydiving experience with Blue skies skydiving, which operated on the Parakai AirfieldUkaž na mapě we lived on. I heard something about it and none of it sounded like fun (well, they didn’t want to sound it that way) – it should be boring (just jump on of the plane, which is like 1 second thrill, that fall down for about 40 sec, which is still the same, no fun, that open the parachute and just wait till landing for another 5 minutes) and there is nothing exciting (just jump out and extend arms sideways and wait). Of course, that was just the funny talking. Then I heard that the 40 sec fall down is the longest 40 sec in your life and you wish to open the parachute every second.

Getting ready in a plane

Never mind, Tomas was determined and went for it. He even pay for the video and also put his camera on head. Got ready in few minutes and it took just a few second into the plane. Then we had like 10 minutes before they jumped on of the plane and another minute or two before we were able to see them because of clouds. Which was sad as we didn’t see them in free fall, later on Tomas said, that the free fall was pretty short and the parachute opened like in instant. We had the same feeling and asked on the ground why they opened it so high – regulations and also it happens time to time that they need to open the second one which takes a few more second and they need to have time for it.

Last few seconds

On the ground Tomas looked a bit exhausted, but happy. He told us it was fun what his face did in the free fall, it looked to him as he has rag instead of face. The flight after that was nice as well, he saw some nature around and enjoyed this part as well. The video is pretty good, the guy definitely has the experience how to shot it and even cut in just a few seconds. And the price? It was worth it.

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