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Chatter functionality was one my favorite things in Salesforce for years. And I still love chatter, don’t take me wrong – helps me so much to keep track on communication.

Since we transitioned to Lightning I am more and more excited how much you can personalize your experience. A few clicks and your life is so much easier.

Getting excited with every single release looking what is there for me as admin, end user, what is there for our clients … but reading release notes it’s definitely part I’d like to skip.

I have my favorite bloggers for tips and tricks, also webinars organizes by Salesforce Admins very useful and of course Trailheads, Community Groups

During Summer ’20 release I discovered page with resources easy to access and use. SUMMER’20 RELEASE page with all Latest Innovations and Resources, demos, playbooks has it all. Plus the button DOWNLOAD RELEASE IN BOX – presentation ready to use – perfect.

Perhaps this isn’t life changing thing but it made my day.

Sharing is caring, right?

Pavlina Preissova

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