SharePoint or Lotus?

LinkedIn logo I’ve been in process of updating my information on LinkedIn and also searching for some new contacts when I got the idea to search for groups with SharePoint or Lotus in name. The results are impressive – about 50 groups about Lotus and about 100 groups about SharePoint. Does it say something? Probably not, just good to know about it.

Anyway, I still don’t understand why there is so many groups – one for admins, another for developers, users, certified people and a few of them which are locally based. But why more?

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  1. As the owner of one of the Lotus groups, Lotus Software Professionals, the problem with so many groups was Linkedin itself.
    Until last week you could never search Linkedin for a group, unless it was an official one, meanign you paid linkedin for it, as some large copanies did.
    Could we merge a bunch? Perhaps, no idea. Anyoen that reads this and owns a group can ask. My group has almost 1,300 Lotus people in it so I am happy about it, but it’s a lot of work sometimes.

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