Salesforce and social networks

I still remember my first Salesforce application I installed (and it is still in that instance – Salesforce for Social Media). It allowed me to connect my Salesforce to my social networks, publish to them from Salesforce as well as get all messages in Salesforce and have all data in one place. Been discontinued.

And then came Social Customer Service which is available for free for every Service Cloud customer but surprisingly most of the Sales Cloud instances I do have access to have it as well.

It allows you to track two social accounts (Twitter & Facebook) for free, for more you need to get the Social Studio. But even the free version is not a bad start, right?

What it does

See your company’s at-mentions, replies, and direct messages. You can reply, retweet, favorite, and follow from Salesforce, or click tweets to view and respond to them on Twitter.

See your Facebook timeline in Salesforce. You can reply to and like posts from Salesforce, or click posts to view and respond to them on Facebook.

See comments and replies on your company’s Instagram photos in Salesforce. You can send replies in Salesforce.

See comments on your company’s videos in Salesforce. You can reply in Salesforce, or click comments to view and respond to them on YouTube. For more control over YouTube communications, you can hide replies from YouTube and only reply to your customer. When customers edit or delete their comments, Salesforce updates the social post accordingly.

Social Customer Service

How to set it up

You can go through to whole implementation book, but it is pretty easy.

  1. in Setup search for Social Customer Service and enable it, alternatively you can also enable approval of post to social networks;
  2. add social accounts and authenticate them, alternatively enable case creation from posts;
  3. assign agents to social accounts in profiles/permission sets;
  4. turn on Feed tracking on Social posts and enable All Related Objects plus add Social Publisher quick action to Social Post page layout – you might want to reply to customer even without creating the case, social post is enough;
  5. wait for first message from social networks appear in Salesforce or go ahead to Social posts and create your own and post it!

It is for free, easy to setup, very easy to use and might replace you existing tools and add additional details to your customers‘ records. The free edition cannot monitor keywords, for that you need to get Social Studio, but maybe it is enough even without it.

What do you think, worth enabling?

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