Prague Whitewater Rodeo 2008

This event has been held in Prague during last weekend, the weather was pretty bad on Friday and Saturday but on Sunday there was a lot of Sun.

I went there to take a few pictures, two memory cards on me and just half of the battery – it should be enough. Well, I shooted probably more than 600 photos, had to delete a lot of them during the day and switched to lower resolution and at the end finished with completely empty battery and a space for 10 more photos. Anyway, I were able to sort the photos down to less than 300 and some of them are quite good (at least for me).

The jumps were awesome as well as a lot of tricks on playspot. As I don’t know the names of these tricks or how they should look like I sometimes wasn’t able to recognize if they are doing some good trick or just trying to survive 🙂

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