Podcasts in Lotus community

There is more and more of them and I start to like them – podcasts about Lotus technology. If you don’t know what podcast is – the talk audio recording.

This week in Lotus is the newest one and at the same time probably the one I like the most. Just plain talk about what happened in community during last week. Perfect and natural English so I have time to time serious trouble understand what’s going on (especialy when they say some joke), but incredible amount of information is included.

The Taking Notes Podcast logo The Taking Notes Podcast is the oldest one with more than 100 episodes. It is getting slower and slower and I’m not surprised – it really needs a lot of will to continue when you already spoke about everything twice. Anyway, each podcast is focused on something and I think that a lot of them are still relevant nowdays.

The 1352 Report started a while ago as well but I never really listed to it. Don’t know why, it just didn’t catch my attention.

IDoNotes logo The last one I occassionaly listen to is Chris Miller podcasts. They are usually pretty well technically focused and I like them because they talk about not so common stuff.

Would you like to find them all at one place, use the famous PlanetLotus, where you can find them all together. And I know, each episode usually takes about 1 hour but it is usually worth it. If for nothing else than your English.

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