Platform Developer II

This certification hasn’t been on my radar at all, as I’m not a developer, and this one is supposed to be the hardest one.

Two years ago Johann told me that he isn’t developer as well, but this one is doable. Ok, challenge accepted, after the CTA.

I did know that it is theoretical part and practical via superbadge, but I somehow didn’t properly check which superbadge. At the end I decided to do it quickly before they will upgrade it to LWC superbadge as I don’t really want to learn another thing. How surprised I’ve been that the superbadge is „only“ about VisualForce and APEX.

For the theoretical preparation I used the Focus on Force test, which I feel is even harder than the exam itself. It is (and the exam as well) surprisingly wide – going from VisualForce over Aura to LWC, obviously APEX is behind everything.

I learnt a few new things along the way, which is always the purpose why I do it. This time I remember the Continuation, which I haven’t been aware before at all, and that cacheable=true methods cannot be combined with DML operations. Besides that no really surprising things, which was surprising on its own.

The superbadge was kind of boring at the end – you know, writing all those tests and parts of the, pretty basic, code, not much challenge. The need to rewrite one of the classes into Queueable was the highlight.

Now I can claim to be PD2 certified as well and already checking which certification should be the next one.

PD2 certified

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