Our second Salesforce User Group – GDPR & TrailheaDX

About two weeks ago we had our second user group and it was a great event. A bit hectic, compared to the first one.

First of all, Impact Hub didn’t have available the room I wanted to register – they offered a way bigger and more expensive. But still for a great price. I felt it is too big, but at one time I had about 50 registered people, so the room was about the right size. On the day of the event another 5 people registered and I think about 7 of them arrived without prior notice. Which was great, because at 5pm, when the event should started, we were just three, in another 15 minutes the rest of attendees arrived and we had a great audience of about 30 people. Yes, a lot of non-shows this time, which surprised me a lot (I’ll remember you guys!)

At the beginning I mentioned the Pac-man rule I found out about just that very day, and I think we really stick to it and made it very easy to join other groups during the short break we had.


As a preparation for the event I completed the GDPR trailhead and it didn’t change my opinion about this thing. It is about processes inside companies and technology has little to do with it. IF (a big IF) I listened right to Matej, who did the GDPR presentation for us, I’m about right.

For Salesforce, trust is #1 value. They put together a short blog post about it, prepared a dedicated page for it and also released data processing addendum, which is – according to Matej – pretty nicely written.

From presentation (sorry, in Czech only) I liked the point, that you can solve a lot of things with organizational guidelines, there is no need to heavily depend on technology. So for example when you want to protect your data, there is no need (probably) to pay for Salesforce Shield and block employees from exporting data from the system, but you can just prepare written guideline, which says how they should behave.

I have much more interesting notes, will publish them in Czech later on.


This event ran in June and as a user group we got access to some sessions‘ recordings. Yes, it is a developer event (at least it looks like), but we’ve been able to get some nice ideas from keynotes. Automatic analysis on intent looks like a great feature for busy call centers. Snap-ins are super easy way how to implement live chat into your website (or mobile app) and be able to manage it from Salesforce and not be depend on your webdevelopers. Imagine the possibilities when you combine it with SOS button to get video-chat and screen sharing as well. Dynamic hiding of Lightning components was just one big WOW moment and platform events are great way how to make integrations with other systems (or even inside Salesforce, but it probably doesn’t make that much sense) easier.

Read Jenwlee’s blog if you want to get another glimpse on what this event was really about – looks like a great event to attend.

Dinner time

Last time we just said goodbye to each other and went home, this time I booked a place in near-by restaurant and part of us continued there. Pity the crew there mislead our second group that there is no place for them, so we were split into two groups, but we still enjoyed decent meal together and had time to get to know each other a bit more. This is definitely part I had to incorporate next time as well.

See you in October

We will have another meet-up at the beginning of October – October 3 to be precise. User adoption is the central piece this time, I already have three speakers (myself included) and hope to get a few more aboard. Some of them looks really interesting, just need to get their confirmation.

See you there? Probably not, I think the whole event will run in Czech only again, but if you really have something interesting to say about this theme, you are more than welcome.

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