O Salesforce s Mihai Dragomirescu

V sérii „O Salesforce s …“ jsem si dal za cíl během celého roku vyzpovídat alespoň 52 lidí, kteří se v České a Slovenské republice pohybují okolo Salesforce. Jedno, zda jde o lidi od partnerů, zákazníka nebo dokonce někdo přímo ze Salesforce (ti to prý mají zakázané). Máte tip na někoho, koho bych měl určitě vyzpovídat? Sem s ním! děkuji

Další v sérii mých rozhovorů s lidmi ze Salesforce komunity je Mihai Dragomirescu z nejmenované americké korporace.

How did you get to Salesforce and what is your role?

Salesforce Consultant and got to this role by learning and practice

Is Salesforce a key application for your company or is it used just for some minor needs?

Key application

How do you keep learn more about Salesforce, what are your best resources?

Trainings , online resources and Trailhead

Does the whole company use Salesforce or just a few key people?


Is your implementation more or less standard or there are massive customizations?

Massive customizations

Would you separate admins from developers or is it good that they mix? And do they mix?

They definitely mix , myself am looking to learn to be a developer this year.

Do you use 3rd party apps? Which one is the best?

Yes and to name a few : Copado, DemandTools, Prodly Moover

What is the hardest part on implementing Salesforce?

Making the customer come down to earth and understanding this is not magic.

Lightning – do you plan to switch, what do you like/dislike about it?-

Yes I am working on a project to roll it out, like the functionalities , dislike the speed that they are making it usable.

One feature you like the most in Salesforce?

Those massive customizations

If you can wish one thing, which Salesforce will be able to do tomorrow, what it’ll be?

Improve Lightning faster

How do you keep with the quick improvement of Salesforce’s features, do you implement new features or are you happy with what you have and don’t implement them?

Depending on business requirements we adopt new features but mostly we design new custom ones.

She Salesforce or he Salesforce?


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