O Salesforce s Antoniem Gemelli

V sérii „O Salesforce s …“ jsem si dal za cíl během celého roku vyzpovídat alespoň 52 lidí, kteří se v České a Slovenské republice pohybují okolo Salesforce. Jedno, zda jde o lidi od partnerů, zákazníka nebo dokonce někdo přímo ze Salesforce (ti to prý mají zakázané). Máte tip na někoho, koho bych měl určitě vyzpovídat? Sem s ním! děkuji

Začínáme podle abecedy a první mi padl do hledáčku Antonio Gemelli, který už podle jména není Čech, přestože v Česku pracuje. Což také znamená, že hned první rozhovor uděláme v angličtině, což snad nevadí.

How did you get to Salesforce and what is your role?

I had previous experiences with different CRM systems that’s why I start with Salesforce, my role is Admin for a pharmaceutical company, in my role was included also Informatica Cloud and Oracle tools.

What are doing in your day-to-day job, what you have to know?

Hard question because depend of day, I work to prevent issue in SF Data, this require research and analysis on SF and external applications connected.

Is Salesforce a key application for your company or is it used just for some minor needs?

Salesforce is the key application in my company for CRM.

Does the whole company use Salesforce or just a few key people?

Most of business users use SF, in this company SF is the main CRM app, of course there are other apps but in my case I’m one of the key Admin for SF.

Is your implementation more or less standard or there are massive customizations?

We implement some customization require from business user to adapt SF for Pharma environment

One feature you like the most in Salesforce?

Absolutely Workbench online tool.

If you can wish one thing, which Salesforce will be able to do tomorrow, what it’ll be?

It will be nice if reporting tool on SF will be improve with more features.

How do you keep with the quick improvement of Salesforce’s features, do you implement new features or are you happy with what you have and don’t implement them?

Honestly I’m satisfied but customers require something more every day and we must to adapt our self to the market, SF is the best CRM app for my point of view “now” , I wish they will continue in this way.

She Salesforce or he Salesforce? (ok, this question probably doesn’t make sense in English)

Honesty I never thought about he or she but maybe I can say She because of Veeva CRM 🙂

How did you end up in Czech Republic? What do you like/dislike here?

I came here because I already had some old colleagues moved here before, I received positive feedback about CZ, I like here because I considering like a EU Silicon Valley for IT, this country is nice and safely, life is good, honestly I have no complain about CZ, just missing Sea sometimes.

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