Net Zero Cloud with Ines Garcia

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It all started in January, when Ines happily shared on LinkedIn that she passed the Net Zero Cloud accreditation exam and I asked, whether it is at least a bit practical or full of theory about different scope definitions.

Two months later she presented at Prague User Group to almost 30 people (while 60 signed up). And … holly shit!

First of all – global warming is most likely here and I don’t want to make fun of it. I do offset my emissions when travelling to Dreamforce for example and I was really curious about this new cloud. But sometimes it is just tempting.

When this message came into my email followed by statement that we don’t want global warming because crocodiles will be in our rivers (again), well … that’s what I call a bad joke.

But here we are, with Ines in (virtual) front of us starting her presentation. This women is all over the place – Agile practitioner, author of several books, foodie, biomimicry practitioner, climate change couch, the list goes on. And it makes sense, why limit ourselves to one thing when we are interested in multiple.

Ok, back to Net Zero Cloud.

By 2030 we should be net zero, no offsetting allowed anymore and this product should help companies.

The product is expensive (she didn’t say it, but we found on the website), I still feel it needs at least a few people to maintain it (meaning mainly the data), when we speak about the implementation work it looks like it mainly consist of data import, user training and most likely some API integration (which all make sense and would be awesome if the product is really that complete and doesn’t need more).

The data model is crazy. I need to buy a bigger screen to take a look at it, period.

It has tons of nice dashboards, it can auto calculate some data based on different „conversion rates“, etc.

But still, even after this hour long presentation, I don’t really get it.

The cloud should help companies monitor how close to zero they are. Fine.

All companies should be net zero, no offsetting. So when we organize CzechDreamin, all our suppliers will be net zero including air lines, so we don’t need to worry as we don’t produce anything, right? And because we cannot offset we don’t have many chances to make it better.

I feel I got lost somewhere, obviously need another half a day of explanation for like 5 years old. But that’s good, we just need to be prepared that I’m probably not the only one.

You can enjoy the recording and maybe you will understand the whole picture better than me. What I learnt is, that I don’t need this accreditation and that was important goal as well. And yes, there is a Trailhead as well.

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