My top 5 moments of 2019 and …

I don’t plan but I’m open to everything. And I also don’t look back, but at the beginning of the year I tweeted link to Susannah’s article without properly mentioning them and Paul was a bit disappointed, so I decided that I’ll look back this time.

2019 was busy and when I check the obvious I achieved a lot – 3 new certifications, became Salesforce MVP, got countless Trailhead badges, did some new Salesforce implementations and at the end of the year also made it between 30 top IT personalities in Czech Republic.

But that just happened, I’m grateful but not sure I can count them between my moments, so here are others.

Moment #1 – CzechDreamin

I covered CzechDreamin in its own article, I immensely enjoyed the date even though I don’t remember much and I’m super grateful that the whole team agreed to repeat it this year (yes, we are looking for speakers and sponsors and we also sell tickets). I think we take it more seriously this year, we already had two calls about it in last a few months and will see whether anyone will want to do it next year as well 🙂

Moment #2 – BBQ

When Paul said to me a long while ago that I need to get a co-leader for user group I didn’t really understood why. But I’m super glad that I persuaded Alča to join me and even though she still feels she doesn’t do much (she has no idea I do close to nothing and feels guilty) she has great idea.

Organise one meeting with no content and just have a BBQ was probably the best meeting of the whole year, we had time to chat to each other (even though I didn’t have time to speak to many people as always), Dan Appleman joined us for the evening as well and probably the whole SF sales team came us well. Definitely on the list for this year as well.

Also great to see the growing list of other community groups in the region – 6 groups at Prague, two in Brno and one in Bratislava.

Moment #3 – YeurDreamin & DX presentation

I skipped all dreamin conferences last year and made it just to YeurDreamin. The conference was awesome, meeting people who helped us with CzechDreamin was great but the best part was, that I was able to persuade Adam to join me on stage to deliver a presentation about DX. I feel he liked it and it also somehow change the atmosphere inside the company and it looks like we start to take conferences more seriously and some people try to speak on as many of them as possible (super hard).

I did my first presentation about DX at Dreamforce 2018, when I just forced myself to learn it (I didn’t know anything about it before I submit the abstract). From then on I use it on daily basis even though probably just for some basic stuff, but even that saves a lot of work. Also great to see how the whole company is changing, we start to use it on projects, consultants fight with it (or rather with Git, but as we said during the presentation – we blame DX while we put a lot of new components into the game and DX isn’t necessarily the problem).

Moment #4 – PwC team & mentoring

Finally last year we started to grow our Czech Salesforce team at PwC. We suck at equality and girls (women?) already complained about it so I definitely need to find some man into the mix.

It is great to see the new people, how they are eager to learn everything, how they challenge me (can you do multiple tabs for the same object in Lightning App?) and that I can share my knowledge and experience.

I also mentor people in CRM pro neziskovky and for Supermums and it is great experience, which teach me something new every time they ask.

Moment #5 – Pledge1Percent

I became member of the Pledge 1% and decided to donate more than the recommended 1 %. But the important part of this is, that I was able to hit my goal I set myself long time ago. That feels good.

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