Learn flow, because it might be useful

Another great meetup of the Prague User Group, this time we invited Jennifer Lee, the queen of flow.

We started with some chat at the beginning, so if you wonder how Jen got to Salesforce, what does it take to be lead solution designer, why she got deep into flow (she wanted to become MVP and needed her niche!) or why she feels having all the Trailhead badges might be useful, you should listen to this podcast (skip first minute in Czech and you are good to go).

And then we continued with her presentation about flow. You can see the presentation including recording on our drive.

Basically you should care about flows whenever you want to increase user productivity, automate repetitive tasks, improve data quality and deliver automation using clicks not code.

Some ideas when to use it?

  • status update;
  • send updates;
  • clone a task with multiple WhatIds;
  • gather information and create multiple records at once;
  • auto assign/remove permission sets;
  • auto deactivate users after some period of time without logging;
  • populate data from different object.

There are plenty of use-cases being it for screen flow (which interact with users) or record-triggered flows (which runs automatically after record change) or even schedule-triggered flows, which runs at specific intervals and process all records.

The presentation is full of specific examples showing how it looks like for the user as well as how it was done (be sure to download the PPT version which supports the embedded videos or watch the recording).

I hope that based on this presentation more people will start thinking about some cool use-cases and start using it in their daily live.

Next time we will meet at the beginning on June with Eric Dreshfield and his topic why to pay attention to your customer’s needs, hopefully including some short and super sleek demo of ActiveCampaign. Will you join us?

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