Kaituna – our first river

Local kayakers use Kaituna as a training river. Or can there be any other reason, why it is possible to see them here at 8am? They do it once or twice and go for a work and the same in the evening.

Tomas and Vlada catched some Irish guy on the top, who did it yeasterday and now promise them to guide them. The first round was quick, river is really short and in 30minutes it is over. Two more times, the last one with cameras, both on river and land as well. There is one high waterfall, which should be around 7 or 8 meters and doesn’t look that high from land. But when you see the photos after that and have problems find the kayaker on the photo, you would believe.

Tomas - can you find him?

After lunch I’m taking the kayak and do some training on the flat water on top. First time on kayak after long time (some people would say 5 years, but it can be more and I didn’t go on kayaks anyway) and it is pretty good, at least to me. Funny, that you can feel what’s wrong but have some trouble to do it right. Trying some eskimo turn on flat water without problems, but don’t have the same luck in current. Swimming is good sport as well and when the river is that hot, it isn’t really any problem.

A lot of people ask us about the kayaks, they didn’t see them before and are quite impressed with their design. Hopefully we would be able to sell them here at the end.

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