Is Luis Suarez doing nothing?

Lupa logo That is a really great title, Luis would be happy 🙂 Jan Handl published just a short gloss (automatic translation thanks to Google) about him on quite popular Czech server Lupa and there is a ton of comments (automatic translation again).

I’m following Luis from his first part about giving up with email and probably don’t follow it well (as I understand it differently than Jan). Jan mentioned that Luis stopped with emails and started to use IM and phone as his main communication source. Then he mentioned blog and Beehive as well but with less priority. And all of this got an incredible attention in comments.

Comments such as „I quite understand him because Lotus Notes is impossible to use“, „He don’t know how to use email and just spend the same amount of time with IM and phones“, „I need emails as a proof“, „He don’t know how to write quickly on keyboard“, „He do nothing, he is just plain babbler“, „He isn’t able to organize his work“, „They can fire him as he is completely obsolete“ and so on. A lot of different comments and just a few of them are positive (that’s probably quite normal here in Czech).

I myself quite agree with him even some things are strange for me (such as stop replying to all) and I still didn’t get how should people contact him at the beginning. During the project it is quite clear, there is some kind of wiki or other project place, but when you want to start with something? Just send him an email? Try to publish it somewhere and he’d catch it? Does he really follow all his comments he left anywhere (probably not)? And does he have a followers, who started to do it the same way?

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