Interviews day

Interviews – a lot of them in one day. It was pretty tough as I was hardly able to speak. I did my best anyway, now just cut it in another perfect way.

We started our interviews at Kaplan Aspect, which is right next to the Domain, probably the biggest park in Auckland. They are in nice old building, which was a hospital before and it is just awesome, with park on both sides. As we spoke with principal I got the feeling – lets study again, it looks so perfect, They even do an intership, which sounds good, as they find you any job you want and minimum stay is about a month. It is unpaid work but you get to know the English and take some experience. After all your CV is perfect an everybody wants to get you 🙂

Kaplan Aspect

After our interview of principal we spoke to Czech student and he mentioned few interesting points. Probably the most important is where to stay – as Kaplan Aspect provides accommodation even in their houses or in homestays, he prefers homestay. It looks like nonsense firstly but after all, it is probably just a bit more expensive than rent a flat, you get a meal and the most important thing – you have someone English speaking to speak with and improve your English and knowledge of New Zealand. And that’s probably the most important on your stay.

In the afternoon we went to do an interview in Easy Study & Travel, which is Studyline’s partner organization responsible for helping students in Auckland. It is owned by Brazilian guy and everybody there really wants to help. I asked them how they do it when someone doesn’t speak English (as you can be total beginner on Kaplan Aspect) and they don’t have any problem about it, just speak slowly and give someone the idea how does it looks like in New Zealand. We got some tips where to go and what to see from them and got quickly back to our car, ready to move again.

Just before we moved we took a quick lunch and during it we met guy from city council, who were responsible for parking control. He really surprised us as he knew about our European Union leadership, Pilsner beer and much more. After that he gave us some tips how to safely park in Auckland – leave just one receipt behind your glass, when you extend your parking time, and check for any sign on tyres – he use it for evidence of cars. Just clean it and you should be safe for another period.

Inside glasshouse

Moved back to Domain, this time through the park. Got out and took some walk around, the park is really beautiful, they even prepare there football gates for people. There are also two glasshouses, one is cold and the other one is hot. And a lot of nice flowers inside. As we went around Domain we also saw „table football“ playing, a lot of fun 🙂

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