In-App Guidance with Louise Lockie

Louise Lockie were our speaker at Prague User Group and she gave us a great presentation about the In-App Guidance feature. Powerful thing which I didn’t use yet as I always had a feeling it needs a lot of work to properly run, but with her great examples I found out there are simple usecases which you can set right away and make users more happy.

Before we started we had a chat about her career, which you can listen to as well.

In-App Guidance

Check the recording and read my notes:

  • two types – prompt (single screen) and walkthrough (you can have up to 3 of them for free);
  • don’t overuse, people might start to hate it;
  • notify about new features, event they can/need to signup;
  • you can choose where the message should appear and in what format (9 areas on the screen, docked in bottom right corner or linked to specific element on the screen);
  • 500 prompts limit;
  • they are off by default in sandbox and need to be enabled;
  • you can distribute them via packages;
  • can be translated in Translation Workbench;
  • if it isn’t enough you might want to check Elements.Cloud, WalkMe, Speckit or just PopUps component.

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