Home is close

We have two more days in Auckland, but they are quickly over. First day we dedicated to going around different shops trying to sell our kayaks and buy some souvenirs, with huge lunch at Burger Fuel. Which is really great shop, their burgers are huge (almost like those in Fergburger back in Queenstown) and really tasty. Next time I’ll in a city they are as well, would go there – forget about McDonalds, KFC or Burger King, this is much better for less money.

The other day we have to return our car – we did 11 732km in it in about 2 months, which is record. However, just for this season, which is quite good. But maybe when they’ll count it per day our record wouldn’t exist. All the stickers went down pretty well without any damage and it was really interesting to see, what the harsh Sun did to them. Some of them were almost like at the beginning, the others pretty fade out. As well as a lot of our other stuff like cap, trousers or some shirts.

Time to find some nice hostel, which we did quite quickly in complete city centre, so we had extra time to walk around and found streets we didn’t see before. Vlada and Tomas even went through the Queens street about five times, some of those shop assistants already know them after that time.

Last day of our stay here and we had just time to catch the Shuttle bus (which was the cheapest way for us how to get to the airport), went through the customs and up to the plane. Few hours of flight and we got to Seoul, where nice hotel waited for us. We ordered 3 single rooms, there wasn’t any reason to share one room as it was for free provided by Korean Air. We just missed the dinner, on the other hand had time to record the last Beat recordings, prepare some emails and take a long bath – really nice after two months with occasional showers.

In the morning we had a huge breakfast and Tomas was surprised (not too much) that they didn’t let him in in his bathrobe – it was really funny to see him in this robe going down to the lobby and into the restaurant 🙂

And then came the final flight, just 10:40 in a plane on the way to Munich. And it was really pleasure flight as the plain was almost empty and each of us has his own row of seats. There was just one small problem (especially for Vlada and Tomas) – they somehow limit the amount of beer someone can drink and stop both of them after two or tree beers. In Munich waited Martin from Zelezny company and got us back home, safely and quickly.

It was really nice trip, time to move forward, do the movie we want to do (and which should have premiere at the beginning of June together with some concert), sort out photos, write some articles for Tyden and probably other magazines, edit some short clips for Objektiv in Czech Television, had a talk with our sponsors – there is a lot to do.

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