Heading slowly north

We woke up early. Some of us even earlier, because Tomas‘ mobile automatically changed time due to daylight saving and he didn’t want to wake up – it is just 6am and we agreed to wake up at 7am. Anyway, after short arguing we got up – if nothing else we’ll have an extra hour for which we are able to find an use.

Good we got up – it was quite a long drive to Waitomo CavesUkaž na mapě, where we wanted to do some caving and black rafting. We spoke to a few companies doing the tours there and finally decided not to go. Well, we really didn’t have any other chance – the tours were full or gone and even if they wouldn’t we probably didn’t want to go – there wasn’t enough light downthere (nor would we be allowed to do some shooting) and black rafting after all doesn’t have too much in common with white water rafting – just the fact the you’ll be wet after that.

Instead we decided to go for a walk to Ruakuri Natural Tunnel, which is just behind the village. And this was really incredible, to see what the water is able to create, full of colors and mysterious atmosphere.

Ruakuri Natural Tunnel

Next we wanted to see the Piripiri Caves, which should be freely accessible caves, next in those we saw till now. But, we took the wrong road and when we got back where we started we decided to ask someone what the time really is, to solve our morning confusion. Well, they didn’t change the time, so it was later than we expected. Time to move, the caves will be skipped.

Wanted to take some more shoots of kiwi we headed to Kiwi house at Otorohanga, but again, didn’t shoot anything, as the curator wasn’t there and nobody else was able to take us inside and show us the kiwis.

Never mind, long drive is ahead as we want to get as north as possible today. Stopping just for short shopping at the closest supermarket and getting some icecream for snack as well – second time on our travel.

Having some icecream

And then heading north, paying the toll on the completely new highway they made north of Auckland (and which still wasn’t in navigation), looking for some nice campground and finally found the Sandspit Holiday Park at, what a surprise, Sandspit village. Quick dinner, last washing, shower and looking forward to tomorrow, another experience is ahead.

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