Got a car

Spaceshiplogo.jpg Well, I mentioned it a few days ago on Twitter, but now it is official.

We’ll have a beautiful 4WD Spaceship car with a lot of space inside and full of equipment. Which is awesome, we thought about buying a car and then selling it again, but after some calculation realized it isn’t that expedient. Probably the final price should be lower when buying (if we’d be lucky and don’t choose complete rubbish as none of us understand cars :)), but we’d choose a normal car (station wagon) and it is „just“ a car. This one is something we can live in, have a fridge, DVD player, cooker, all the cuttlery and other stuff you need for cooking and much more. I mean depots all over New Zealand, where you can get a new DVDs or advices what to see and do. Which is great!


Photo by Igor Polakovic

They have a Facebook group as well (if you are fan of Facebook) and they even offer one day for free (when you rent for more than 10 days :)) if you mention code R0041D. Well, it looks like 10% discount, fantastic.

Will blog more about this car when we get inside – just a week and we’ll be sitting in a plane – yes!

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