Getting Real – a great book

I read this book last week and it is really great. It has a lot of interesting ideas about web development, short chapters (what I love) and huge amount of great quotations.


So, don’t care to repair all bugs instantly, don’t do a long beta versions (as GMail does), create and regulary update your product blog, do a major upgrade 30 days after launch, inform people about failures and other bad things, use forums, keep it simple, don’t separate support and development, use inline help and FAQ, do less features than your competitors, use your software, don’t try to find investors, create first version with just 3 people, have just one idea for your product and keep it in mind, don’t care about problems you don’t have, say no and no, get it working ASAP, start with design and then add code (kind of LN thinking), say no to preferences, ideas are not important but execution is, test it by real usage not just testing data, don’t interrupt people, no meetings, open source is good place where to find people, be happy.

If you are looking for something short to read when you go to work or before you go sleep this book is great.

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