Einstein Analytics Academy Prague

We continue on our journey to educate customers and partners on Czech market – we did FSL workshop, MuleSoft training and the last one is Einstein Analytics Academy. This one was longer (2 days) and delivered by Salesforce (great Rikke Hovgaard).

It was great. Around 30 people gathered at PwC offices to learn as much as possible in two days. I’ve been surprised how easy it went during the day and how much time we had, because I had a feeling it was way harder last year in London. Just to learnt that I had 2 days of basic and 2 days of advanced training packed into 2 days while this was only the basic training. Still great and awesome, was also great to see the progress of the platform.

The attendeees


We started with data structure, how to get them in and manipulate. Data flows can be complex, recipes are super easy way to achieve a lot with some basic knowledge. And when you get a few tricks like use bucket and not replace, because buckets you can easily update while replace create a new column every time … that’s what you need to save your time for real.


Moments where – if you know where to look at – notice experience and a few delivered sessions. It looked super easy to create a dashboard and I must add super cool looking dashboard. All the elements, colours, … but that all takes practice and notes how to set it up. You won’t notice unless you know and will get out with a feeling how easy it is – which is great. And if you know you will appreciate the experience of Rikke.

Basically in the evening of first day we had all data in and great looking dashboards and feeling we are able to repeat it.


Tweak it for the target audience is something Rikke want to do. So we spent evening looking for some nice Czech relevant data, just to find out that open data are a big topic but when you try to find some it is still pretty hard.

But she found data from AirBnb so we used them for activity on second day. Split into groups, here are your data and you have one hour to deliver something awesome and get some insights.

Work in groups, do something great

An hour later we got a few great presentations and interesting findings. Where to clean for best ROI was the one I remember and we had a great fun about it.

Where to find cleaning with best ROI

Binding and data flows

Of course, at the end we covered these heavy topics. It still looked super easy, we got some advice when to choose data flow and when recipe.

Overall the training was awesome and I like how the group evolves – we started FSL with 100 % partner focused training and we gradually open it to (potential) customers. For MuleSoft we had people from outside the Salesforce circle, for Analytics we had surprisingly high number of marketing people.

Next? The general feedback was to do something around Marketing Cloud, I aim for the end of October/November, before everyone will leave for Dreamforce or after it. Stay tuned.

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