Domino Blog template tweaks

Domino Blog menu I didn’t want to upgrade to the Domino Blog template for a reason – during the life of my blog I did a lot of changes in the old version of this template and I didn’t want to lose them or transfer them. But finally, I gave up and tried to put all those changes in new version of this wonderful template. So, what I had to change?

Some changes were related to the fact that I don’t blog (mainly) in English and this template just don’t really count with some other languages. Others I just found more useful than the standard version.

So, here we are:

  • form Content Notes, field pagename – added the @Ascii function into Input Translation so I don’t have non ascii characters in my URLs
  • form Content Notes, add the function InsertImage from Database from the old version – I’m just used to have pictures separately
  • form Content Notes, enable Allow Autosave property – when we have this great function, why not to use it?
  • agent (archive), function getVar update setting of tmp variable to tmp=Split(cDoc.Query_String_Decoded(0),“&“+n+“=“) – otherwise the header for DXSmartTagCloud wasn’t correct
  • agent PublishHeldContent to publish once a day – variable dt1 set to Today, dt2 to doc.creation(0) and comparing for =>  – I just hate agents which run when nobody need them
  • agent PublishHeldContent, change security properties to not to run under Full Access Admin – it didn’t work at all
  • library DXLiveContentEngine, procedure renderCommentItem – changes of DXCommentCreation due to the fact that my hosting is in another time zone, so I changed it this way:
    Dim commentDate As NotesDateTime
    Set commentDate = New NotesDateTime( doc.creation(0))
    Call commentDate.AdjustHour( commentDate.TimeZone + 1, True)
    templateText=renderTag(templateText,“<$DXCommentCreation$>„, Format( commentDate.LSLocalTime, „DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM“))
  • library DXNotesContentProcessing, procedure genRecentComments – changes due to the fact that my hosting is in another time zone (as is in previous point)
  • library DXLiveContentEngine, procedure genGravatar – add class to the image so I’m able to style it better
  • library DXNotesContentEngine, class MimeToHTML, declaration – change boundary for naughties to 3
  • library DXNotesContentEngine, class MimeToHTML, procedure new – add naughties(3) = „< p>“
  • library DXNotesContentEngine, class MimeToHTML, procedure scrubHTML, change variable b to „< /p>< p>“ – I just hate to have my paragraphs divided just with new line
  • view vTagCount, vTagCategoryCount add test if technorati field isn’t empty into selection formula
  • page dxjs.js, function smartCloud2 – the level of tags counting just doesn’t work as the min and max variables are adjusted on the go. So, split it into two cycles, in first just count the min and max, in second create the links.

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