Do surveys in a seconds – SurveyVista

During the CzechDreamin conference and after we always want to get some feedback. Historically we used Kahoot for that, but with the pricing they invented a few years back it wasn’t really possible anymore. So for the last a few years we used AhaSlides, which worked really nice, had good pricing and looked good.

This year we got as a sponsor Ardira, the company behind the SurveyVista application for Salesforce. As part of the sponsorship we could use the app to collect all the feedback.

At first I’ve been scared, becaused they offered a few hours long workshop to help with the setup and I was like – cannot I just install in and use in 5 minutes?

Luckily that’s exactly how it works – you install the package, create a new survey with all its question in easy to use interface, which allows you to specify all those different types of questions, make them mandatory or allow to put comments. And if you fancy you can go deeper, style their appearance, link them in between and conditional show, make some scoring of the whole results based on answers and much much more. Automatic progression to next question if you can select just one answer and many many more small tricks included.

What’s important is all those things which „just works.“ One of them is the anonymous collection of answers, where you just spin up a new community/experience site, some simple and well documented configuration of permissions and you are good to go.

I didn’t find a way how to guide users throught the questions – as you can do in Kahoot/AhaSlides but obviously I didn’t look well enough as the quiz functionality is available as well.

Of course you can link it to Salesforce records, do automation and all those things we take for granted.

There was one task I didn’t look forward to – make sense of the data, meaning creating a dashboard which would show me the answers. Luckily that’s again something available out of the box, which you can open directly from the survey and you see all the answers in appropriate charts to understand the answers.

Final statements? What a great product, even though it was totally new to me, I had to install it in our org and do all the configuration from scratch – it was as easy as with AhaSlides and allowed me to achieve more.

Small downside I realized when sending the final feedback form? It looks like you cannot create one screen with multiple questions, such as collecting name and email on one screen. But that’s really just a minor thing and I didn’t spend much time trying to figure it out.

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