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Last year we decided at the end to postpone CzechDreamin conference due to all things Covid, beginning of this year we decided to postpone again, because the situation, at least in Czech Republic, was pretty unclear and we doubt anyone would be willing to travel these days and we didn’t want to go virtual. I mean I didn’t want to go virtual because I (intentionally) missed all the virtual conferences as I wasn’t able to focus.

And then April came and I was like „hey, I’m missing something and we really should do CzechDreamin.“ So without consulting with the team I made a decision, sent email to speakers and really appreciated their support as first confirmations started rolling in just a few minutes after I sent the email.

Because I wasn’t able to find the time and energy to attend any virtual event I decided to radically shift the format – most Dreamin style events have a presentations long 25 or 50 minutes and multiple tracks, but I want something else. Here the rapid style came to rescue me.

At the moment it looks like we will have 13 speakers covering everything from marketing to flow, project management, certifications, NPSP, data quality, adoption tracking or how to become developers. I would say we have great list of speakers all wiling to try something new and completely redo their slides as the requirement of exactly 20 seconds per slide means you need to be really precise in your presentation.

So if you want to join us mark your calendars for June 10th from 5pm till 7pm CEST (Prague time) and get your free ticket.


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