CzechDreamin is over, long live CzechDreamin

Wow, that was a hell of time and it took us super long to wrap it up due to upcoming holidays and plenty of other things.

This year it was our third try to deliver the perfect conference. First year in person for roughly 200+ people, skip one year, do a virtual conference and this year get back to in-person.

We intentionally didn’t do it hybrid nor record the conference, we really wanted to get the people together, overwhelm them with the content, make their heads spinning.

This was my first Salesforce conference. It was a great change of work routine and every talk gave me some information to think about.

At it was success, 400+ people registered, roughly 380 of them attended. We had attendees from all over the world, some even made it from States (and connected us with London’s Calling and YeurDreamin), we had majority of first timers to Dreamin events or community events at all. But even the first timers weren’t alone and they already knew someone else, which is great and shows how the community is connected.

Andre published a great video from YeurDreamin on his profile and what are these conferences about, definitely worth watching. And Paul put it in writing with his point of view. And finally – a few people asked about the Toastmasters program. Definitely a great way how to improve your speaking skills.

CzechDreamin 2022 statistics about attendees

Our schedule was super busy. We opened the gates at 8am, run sessions in 6 parallel tracks and finished at 6pm with open bar opened till 8pm and unofficial after parties at multiple locations organized ad-hoc by the people. On Saturday we organized trip to Pilsen and Sunday was dedicated to Prague tour.

Did you think about making this a two-day event?

We had an absolute awesome set of sponsors who helped us run the event. Even though it is paid event for attendees, the majority of costs has to be covered by partners. We are so grateful for them and was surprised with the wave of support we got, we signed the very last sponsor just a few days before the event, others committed a few years in advance (they wanted to sponsor the 2020 and stayed all the time with us).

CzechDreamin 2022 sponsors

The content

At the end we had 50 presentations (if I count correctly) and of course I didn’t have time to attend a single one. Luckily we got all the presentations (you can see them on our web) and I had time to go through them all. What catched my attention?

  • Andre’s session about data quality, which ends with „Don’t do it all by yourself“. So true;
  • Anna spoke about CI/CD and DevOps maturity matrix. I love the different angles and what benefits can you look for;
  • I actually attended like 5 minutes of Robert’s session about 7 ground rules for developers. It was super awesome and they are all great – leave the code cleaner that you found it, grow a safety net of awesome tests, minimize custom code and much more;
  • custom predictions and Pratyush – I probably never saw it in real life but it has a potential. Plus it is included for free;
  • Szandor and Christian – just the names are synonym for perfect presentation and they delivered. I love the picture of all the death they had to face;
LWC, LDV and causes of death illustration
  • David and his approach to migrate to APEX enterprise patterns. Interesting to see there are a few ways how to tackle it and looks like you don’t have to achieve perfection in round 1;
  • Igor and custom made data periscope when you have external data and don’t (want to) have money for Salesforce Connect;
  • Anastasiya and real time marketing 101 – it is pretty scary how the whole interaction with user can be customized on the fly, I wonder where are the limits and borders and when we should involve psychologist just not to make the website a bit creepy;
  • Vaclav spoke about reducing unwanted communication from Marketing Cloud. Looks like a pretty simple solution which can be super powerful to your interaction with customers. I hate those „are you still there“ emails but I understand the need for clean mailing list as well;
Stop carpet bombing your customers
  • Edith’s path to modern JavaScript – maybe I can give it a try and learn something new;
  • Doria, Fabrice and Tooling API – great tool but I’m still not convinced how much we need it with all the tools in our hands which provide additional capabilities;
  • Evan’s deluxe report type for each object, where you don’t start from top but from bottom and include all the fields from „parent“ objects;
  • Jakub and Content Builder Blocks in Marketing Cloud made me realise there might be a market for these „small“ blocks with extra functionalities or integrations;
  • other Jakub and talk about PDOs – that looks like a dream work, you are being recommended by Salesforce to develop apps which will be available from the AppExchange. There aren’t that many partners at the moment, the right niche to be in?
  • Alex and his keynote about next generation app development – „Don’t try to do it all in a single component. Take advantage of the fact that builders can chain components together“;
  • Matteo and his talk about Heroku which should open eyes especially to architects and developers. With the Functions which are here as well we should probably look outside SF capabilities and utilize the whole infrastructure even better;
  • speaking about architects Melissa did a great job as well, even without her presentation as the electricity died. „Architects understand what is available out-of-the-box or as add-ons that may easily solve problems – low risk, faster time to market. Learn about the capabilities of each of the clouds and how you might be able to incorporate them“;
  • Narender, flows and speed – the async approach looks promising and I agree there might be a future, plenty of things the user doesn’t need to happen in real time and we can speed up their user experience;
  • Pawel spoke about flows as well, how to structure them, naming conventions, subflows and many others. While Process Builder asked us to put everything into one process per object with flow we have free hands which goes hand in hand with being a good citizen and name them correctly. Still recall the implementation with 300+ flows and without naming convention you would be lost;
  • Svatopluk and some SFDX gotchas. The gotchas – even though they change over the time – are the most important to me, because I don’t have to make the same mistakes;
  • Tomas spoke about certifications and why to get them – because you will ultimately gain additional knowledge which will help you with a better implementation;
  • on top of that Katka spoke how certified people are 90 % more productive and 35 % more impactful, how Salesforce plans to increase the number of credentials individuals in CEE by 50 % till next year (sounds crazy) and that there is a market of 437 000 new jobs by 2026;
  • other Tomas and risks on Salesforce projects. You might be surprised about how many of them you didn’t think;
  • Dorian, Julio, admins and tests and why they should even care. Because as an admin you can easily break yours developers code;
  • Jiri spoke about Vlocity and how great knowledge of products, rules, well designed OmniScript and Integration Procedures will make your implementation successful.

I didn’t cover everything in this summary at all, but you probably got the feeling for the amount of knowledge you could get. Not to mention all the contacts and networking, some swags, great amount of positive energy and great food.

We will be back next year and hope to meet you as well. Stay tuned.

The best community, knowledge and networking in the SF environment in the Czech Republic 🙂

And of course – we do have a lot of photos, heaps of fantastic and constructive feedback and a brochure with the summary.

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