CzechDreamin: Call for Sponsors

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It took a while – establish the entity, which will cover the whole event, find the right venue (we spoke with 10+ of them, shortlisted 4 and finally chose 1), decide on date (August 16), calculate all the costs (still surprised that the refreshment will be probably the biggest expense), double check everything so we don’t forget anything important. And then decided how many sponsors we can accommodate and how to split the costs between them and attendees.

At the end we worked everything out. We double check with other dreamin event around and can say, that we are a bit cheaper than YeurDreamin and more expensive than dreamOlé.

You might expect about the same perks:

  • rooms full of people (250+) eager to know more about your product or services – we expect attendees from Czech and Slovak Republic as well as the whole Europe and hopefully someone from far away as well;
  • demo jam;
  • logo on website, social media mentions, … you know the drill;
  • photographers and video guys on site, who will produce some nice photos and sessions‘ recording;
  • dinner with speakers.

Also some others, as the event will be in Prague, the Czech Republic capital, and at summer:

  • great beer;
  • ice-cream stand (no promise here, but it would be cool).

Sounds good so far? Check our flyer then and get in touch, we would be happy to have you on board.

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