BOSS Newsletter October 2011

Pokud chcete číst v češtině, tak vás odkážu přímo na stránku BOSSe, kde je vše připraveno.

OK, we made another issue of our BOSS newsletter. This time I „outsourced“ part of the work to my collegue, who is responsible for the BRight Service Desk product (which is really cool and can replace most other service desk products).

Plenty of information about one internal part of the BOSS, something we call user sets. As my boss told me, it is more about 200 level in the Microsoft terminology, still hope that people will get it.

Detail of the user sets definition

Even more about the BRight Service Desk – you should really check if you are interested in the ITIL methodology and even if you don’t.

A new video of our Directives module. And new references.

Worth a look? Definitely! Download and read it.

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