Auckland – getting around

The way to AucklandUkaž na mapě was smooth and without any problem. We stopped at first shopping centre, changed money and got a coffee – the middle one, which is like extra extra large in Czech Republic for the price of small coffee.

This is middle sized coffee

Continue on our way to city center, found a parking place in parking house (almost on top of it, and we had like 5cm between roof and ceiling). Way out is interesting – through some small passway and then through booking store. Checking for white water guide book – no success. And then we are at Queen street – the main boulevard of Auckland.

Queen Street

Heading to wharf and checking every book store (for guide book) and photo shop (for camera). In about fifth book store we were successful and took the last book. However, weren’t so successful with camera 🙁

Round trip with tourist bus sounds like a good idea – city center looks small and full of life. Got off at Sky Tower, saw the sky jump (well, most like sky lowering) and went up. It is really high, with nice view and without any swingging. It is even higher than the one in Syndey (which is awesome, I got the idea that in Australia is everything the best). The weather changes in a seconds here – five minutes of strong rain, a lot of wind, a lot of sun and when the sun hides it is pretty cold.

On the top of Sky Tower

Having lunch at Burger King and then quickly to wharf look up to those beautiful and small boats (which are inside probably bigger than my flat). In front of the wharf is one yacht on pedestal – they made it for some race which she lost (but the race wasn’t absolutly spotless) and the owner just didn’t like her after that and give her to the city. Cannot imagine it.


It is time to go home, the day was quite short. But the way from parking house isn’t easy – there was traffic jam almost to the top and it took maybe half an hour to got out. The same traffic jam is on the highway as well, so we did a small detour to buy some food and then got home without problem. Vláďa tried to drive on the left and he was fine, just the turn indicator was quite a challenge (it is on the opposite site than in Europe).

Dinner time and looking forward to tomorrow.

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