Around Africa on my bicycle

Around Africa on my bicycle book cover, source: Don’t worry, this one isn’t about my next adventure, it is just to crazy for me (probably :-)) – just finished reading a book from Riaan Manser, a guy from South Africa, who circumnavigated the whole continent of Africa.

This guy must be really mad, he wanted to go around this huge region on his bike during one year. Didn’t make it in time, it took more than 2 years, but after all he got through safely, didn’t miss a country (but a few of them took shorter than he planned to) and after all wrote a book about it. Pretty fat book, about 700 pages, which I bought back in Johannesburg.

And it is really good reading. Was afraid at beginning, what can he write about, but it was quite good. You know, the normal circulation – wake up, eat, cycle, see something, eat, have a rest, make a friend and go to a bed. But he has a style and don’t forget any details (which is incredible, because as I understand, he lost several phones with his notes on the way).

So, looking for a book for your holiday? This one is really good to start with and you can dream about adventure while laying on chair in your hotel. Or you can wait, I’m pretty sure he’ll write something about his Madagascar’s circumnavigation on kayak as well.

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