About Customer Experience with Eric Dreshfield

Eric Dreshfield, the Kevin Bacon of Salesforce community, short and humble guy who everyone knows. And we were lucky to have him at Prague (even though just virtually) to tell us more about how he got into the Salesforce ecosystem and also about the Customer Experience.

Enjoy podcast with Eric first so you get to know him better and then you can get deeper to find out more about ActiveCampaign.

Eric is in SF world from 2009, 2 years unemployed, got temporary job for 8 weeks in support for IT company, worked two jobs, after 7 months still on the job, HR asked whether he wants to get more money and become full time employee on a position they created for him – BA for launching Service Cloud. He then founded user group and a year later MidwestDreamin and interesting journey since then.

MidwestDreamin probably was not the first community led but the first using the Dreamin name. How it started? No money to send him to Dreamforce but willing to send him if he pays himself, but he rather broad Dreamforce to him. Found hotel which didn’t want downpayment and who were happy to just get his „business“ proposal how much money he can get and how many attendees bring. And people started to talk about it, so he repeated and also wanted to move to bigger city, but it didn’t work out as Salesforce announced their event in similar date and same city. Don’t do it yourself is the most important learning.

Reunion Breakfast started someone else as a starter for those who were first time to Dreamforce, but the following year he overtake as the original founder didn’t work in the SF space anymore. So he just found a restaurant with only one requirement from them – one bill, which he agreed for. $34 000 donated to Project Night Night, who supports homeless children, from 2011 as a result of these activities.

Almost every single position change resulted from connections Eric has, having network might help a lot, hence Kevin Bacon of the Salesforce ecosystem (6 degrees of separation from anyone in the world).

Conferences are not that much about knowledge, he barely scratches the surface of what Salesforce can do, they are more about connections to him.

New admin with admin cert, what should I do next to land my job, learn Marketing Cloud or Pardot? Actually there is also CPQ and Field Service which are hot area with not enough talent, so they can give you a nice boost to start your career.

Why It’s Important to Consider Your Customer’s Experience in Everything You Do

You don’t just sell, you need to budget, track sales, go to events, plan, … how can you manage it all as a small business owner?

75 % of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that knows their name and purchase history.

Customer experience is a challenge as people tell 10 others about negative experience but can be also multiplier as customers increase the purchasing with positive experience.

Customer Experience can be Challenge as well as Multiplier

Customer Experience Automation – treat every customer as your most important customer no matter how many of them you have.

Personalization is first step in marketing automation, and right, marketing automation might be a bit of extra content you need to create, but it does wonders to upsell and cross-sell. And as you create the content just once and use again and again it really should save work.

ActiveCampaign integration with Salesforce is around a bit more than a year and the company has roughly 150 000 customers. Managed package available on AppExchange integrated with leads, contacts and accounts, primary customers are B2B companies.

It has the ability to sync any standard and custom field and have a component which visualise the activities on Salesforce side – completed automations, site tracking, email opens and more – and also let them act on the customers, such as put them into specific journey, so sales people doesn’t have to access AC at all.

ActiveCampaign inside Salesforce

And the automations looks awesome, I have to wonder why even use Salesforce native tools and not go with ActiveCampaigns. Scoring, website integration, creation in Salesforce only when lead is ready, assignment rules support, pre-build automations you can just use and not create from scratch. Actually, the reason might be that custom objects, campaigns or opportunities are not supported yet, but will be.

14 days free trial, 20 % discount to non-profits, no time to waste, go and test it.

Check the slides or recording.

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