I completed my certification path

This week I’ll publish in English, because I’m doing enablement for IBM Global Services Delivery Centre in English, I need to practice a little bit. Last week I finally did my last certification exam and now I’m certified as Advanced System Administrator for versions 6 and 7 and as Advanced Application Developer for versions 5, 6 and 7. I have just one more certification for Lotus Domino in my view – the security one. I hope that I’ll do it till end of year (I’m lucky that PC-WARE’s financial year ended at March, so at least I have another 3 month).

The enablement I have for IBM is quite fine – the administrator’s update for version 7. I was really surprised how many people IBM have in GSDC and what they doing. They just solving clients problem, they don’t doing installations, migrations and so on. They seems a little bit reactive, but some of the tasks they are doing are proactive as well, they just need to have them in written. Also the shifts aren’t fine for me – working from 7am (usually I wake up at this time) or till 21:30 (I’m really tired at this time). Hope that I’ll manage it and survive my first three days full of English from my side. Maybe – I hope that they’ll survive it as well, it must be much worst to listen to me :-))

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