Let’s start my blogging in English as well

It’s probably time to start my blogging in English as well for several reason. One of them (probably the most urgent) is to polish my English and be better and better. The second one is, that when I look at my visitor statistics there is a lot of people from other countries than Czech and they probably want to know what I’m writting here. The third one is that I don’t think that there is enough of pages about Lotus Notes and Domino and I can help to popularize this technology as well. And there is at least one reason, why I won’t be blogging in English – to repeat things that are written at other pages (I believe in it). I do it in Czech, as there is really few pags about Lotus Notes in Czech and I want to provide some help to Czech people where to look for interesting information about this technology.

When I started my blog I was thinking about its content. And I was thinking that I’ll publish a lot of tips and articles about how can I do something. But then I woke up and catch the reality – I don’t have time for this. So time to time I’ll publish these information and I’ll try to translate them in English as well. But mostly I’ll publish in Czech, about information which I found somewhere and which I think are interesting. And if no one will be writting about them yet, I’ll translate it in English as well.

So, welcome on my blog.

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